____ - ____

Father: Living
Mother: Living

Family 1 : Living
  1.  Living
  2.  Living

                      |                        |
                      |                        |                      _________________________
                      |                        |                     |                         
                      |                        |_____________________|_________________________
|                     |
|                     |                                               _________________________
|                     |                                              |                         
|                     |                         _____________________|_________________________
|                     |                        |                                               
|                     |________________________|
|                                              |
|                                              |                      _________________________
|                                              |                     |                         
|                                              |_____________________|_________________________
|                                                                     _________________________
|                                                                    |                         
|                                               _____________________|_________________________
|                                              |                                               
|                      _Floyd Ethelbert Moine _|
|                     | (1896 - 1992) m 1926   |
|                     |                        |                      _________________________
|                     |                        |                     |                         
|                     |                        |_____________________|_________________________
|                     |                                                                        
                      |                                               _Andrew J. Smith ________+
                      |                                              | (1846 - 1920)           
                      |                         _Blair George Smith _|_Jane Catherine Dillman _
                      |                        | (1883 - 1952) m 1904  (1850 - 1921)           
                      |_Laura Smith ___________|
                        (1905 - 1993) m 1926   |
                                               |                      _Lucian Auker ___________+
                                               |                     | (1855 - 1934) m 1880    
                                               |_Dora Auker _________|_Frances Benner _________
                                                 (1882 - 1952) m 1904  (1859 - 1940)           



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Thomas Chandler

[21819] [21820]

ABT 1500 - 23 May 1554

Father: Thomas Chandler

Family 1 : Agnes
  1.  John Chandler
  2. +Thomas Chandler

                      |  |
                      |  |   __
                      |  |  |  
                      |  |__|__
 _Thomas Chandler ____|
| (.... - 1551) m 1500|
|                     |      __
|                     |     |  
|                     |   __|__
|                     |  |     
|                     |__|
|                        |
|                        |   __
|                        |  |  
|                        |__|__
|--Thomas Chandler 
|  (1500 - 1554)
|                            __
|                           |  
|                         __|__
|                        |     
|                      __|
|                     |  |
|                     |  |   __
|                     |  |  |  
|                     |  |__|__
|                     |        
                      |      __
                      |     |  
                      |   __|__
                      |  |     
                         |   __
                         |  |  


[21819] Poet Robert Frost is a descendant

He was successful and properous, his wife survied him.

From "Ancestry of William Chandler of Roxbury, Mass" (NEHGR Vol.85(1931)):
Since he is the only person of this family name in his generation who appears in Bishops-Stortford, it may be assumed that he was the only surviving son of his father. He seems to have been successful and prosperous, as there is evidence that he acquired considerable property and left a good estate. The earliest mention of him is in 1532 in one of four land transactions by fine in which he participated. in three as a purchaser and in one as a vendor, which may be summarized as follows:
1532. Richard Glascok, Thomas Chaundeler, John Jacobbe, Thomas Smyth, and William Sybthorpe, querents v George Thomasson and his wife Margaret, deforciants, for two messuages and lands in Stortford. (Feet of Fines,Herts., Easter Term, 24 Henry VIII)
1532. Richard Glascok and Thomas Chaundeler, querents, v John Nobill and his wife, Joane and Thomas Clyfton and his wife Joan, for a messuage and lands in Stortford. (Ib., Michaelmas Term, 24 Henry VIII)
1541/2. Thomas Chaundeler, querents, v George Tomson, gentleman and his wife Margaret, deforciants for a barn and land in Stortford. (Ib., Hilary Term, 33 Henry VIII).
1550/1. Nicholas Marden, querent v. Thomas Chaundeler, Sr., and his wife Agnes, deforciants, for a messuage in Stortford. (Ib., Hilary Term, 4Edward VI).
Some of the properties held by Thomas Chandler are shown in a rental roll of the Bishop of London, for his manor of Bishops-Stortford in 37 HenryVIII (1545/6) as follows:
Thomas Chanler for a tenement that he dwelth in on the sowth syed of the heygh, by yere ij s vj d. The same Thomas for certene lands late parcell of Hawers, ij s iiij d. Itm, the same Thomas for a tenement in Sowthstret on the West syed called Sampson, by yere xix d. Itm, the sameThomas for a tenement in the wyder end of sowth strete on the est syed,by yere xxiij d. Itm, the same Thomas for a garden in basburne lane, byyere vj d. Itm, the same Thomas for the dovehouse and garden at Hacryelbryge, by yere ij d. (Court Roll 299 in the PRO, London).

As Thomas Chandler, jr., he was assessed at Stortford 10d on lands in the subsidy of 33 Henry VIII (1541/2), 10s in 34 Henry VIII (1542/3), 2d on goods valued at 40s in 35 & 36 Henry VIII (1543-5), and 3s 4d on lands valued at 40s in 37 Henry VIII (1545/6); and as Thomas Chaundeler, Sr. he was assessed at Stortford 18s on goods in the subsidy of 4 Edward VI(1549/50-1550/1). (Lay Subsidies, Herts., 121/151, 121/160, 121/157,121/177, 121/185, in the PRO, London)

An Abstract of his will follows:
The will of Thomas Chaundeler of Stortford, dated 30 Mar 1554. To my son John Chaundeler and his heirs and assigns forever the messuage I now dwell in, together with one garden in Basborn Lane to the said messuage (belonging ?), and one croft enclosed at Waldinge, of four acres, with one meadow by the waterside, and one croft in Thorley that I late bought of Richard Pilleston, the said John paying yearly to Agneis, my wife, the rent of said premises during her life. To my son Thomas Chaundeler and his heirs and assigns for ever a grove I late bought of Henry Perker,gentleman, of Berden, deceased, and my messuage in Northstreet I late bought of Edward Willay, the said Thomas paying yearly the rent thereof to the said Agneis, my wife, for life. To my said son Thomas for life my meadow of two acres I late bought of Mr. Thomson in Stortford on the backside of Cawton, the tanner, with remainder to my son Robert Chaundeler and his heirs. To my son Robert Chaundeler and his heirs and assigns for ever my dove house, yard, and barn, my tenement in StortfordI late bought of Wardall, and my croft and pasture I late bought of John Turnor. I will have it remembered that I have surrendered my copyhold lands and tenements by the hands of Raf Smyth and Richard Bedwell, tenants of the lord's customary, for the use of Robert Chaundeler, my son, and his heirs and assigns, he paying yearly to my wife Agneis the rent thereof for life. To Robert Chaundeler D20. I will that my son Robert Chaundeler pay to Anne Chaundeler, the daughter of John Chaundeler 5 marks at the date of his (sic) marriage, and to Barbara Chaundeler, daughter of Thomas Chaundeler, 5 marks at the day of her marriage and to Margaret Bedwell, my daughter's daughter 5 marks at the day of her marriage. To my wife Agneis a lease of a meadow and tenement I late bought of Stonard. To six poor men of Stortford a pair of hose each. To six poor children of the same town a coat each. All the residue of my goods to my wife Agneis, who is to be executrix; and John Chaundeler and Robert Chaundeler are to be executors with her. Supervisor: my son-in-law Richard Bedwell. Witnesses: Raif Smythe, George Hawkyns, and Willm. Bardnerd. Proved on the oath of Agnes and Robert Chaundeler, executors, 23 May 1554, with power reserved for John Chandler, the other executor, when he shall demand it. (Commissary Court of London for Essex and Hert., Garland, 7)

[21820] [S201] Sharon Bearce


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Clell Dillingham

____ - ____

Family 1 : Josephine Shields
  1.  Chrystine Dillingham
  2.  Unknown Dillingham



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Carrie Hill

18 Nov 1877 - ____

Father: Washington Hill
Mother: Mary Louise E Henderson

                            _John T Hill ________|
                           | (1809 - 1870) m 1833|
                           |                     |                      _____________________
                           |                     |                     |                     
                           |                     |_____________________|_____________________
 _Washington Hill _________|
| (1834 - ....) m 1860     |
|                          |                                            _____________________
|                          |                                           |                     
|                          |                      _James Sawyer _______|_____________________
|                          |                     | (1784 - 1850) m 1804                      
|                          |_Nancy Sawyer _______|
|                            (1812 - 1870) m 1833|
|                                                |                      _Michael Henderson __+
|                                                |                     | (1752 - 1850) m 1775
|                                                |_Hannah Henderson ___|_Hannah Barnett _____
|                                                  (1785 - 1870) m 1804  (1755 - 1849)       
|--Carrie Hill 
|  (1877 - ....)
|                                                                       _____________________
|                                                                      |                     
|                                                 _____________________|_____________________
|                                                |                                           
|                           _____________________|
|                          |                     |
|                          |                     |                      _____________________
|                          |                     |                     |                     
|                          |                     |_____________________|_____________________
|                          |                                                                 
|_Mary Louise E Henderson _|
  (1843 - ....) m 1860     |
                           |                                            _____________________
                           |                                           |                     
                           |                      _____________________|_____________________
                           |                     |                                           
                                                 |                      _____________________
                                                 |                     |                     



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Hannah Morrill


12 Sep 1636 - 6 Oct 1717

Father: Isaac Morrill
Mother: Sarah

Family 1 : Daniel Brewer
  1. +Hannah Brewer

                       _Richard Morrill ____|
                      | (1570 - ....) m 1595|
                      |                     |   __
                      |                     |  |  
                      |                     |__|__
 _Isaac Morrill ______|
| (1596 - 1661) m 1627|
|                     |                         __
|                     |                        |  
|                     |                      __|__
|                     |                     |     
|                     |_____________________|
|                                           |
|                                           |   __
|                                           |  |  
|                                           |__|__
|--Hannah Morrill 
|  (1636 - 1717)
|                                               __
|                                              |  
|                                            __|__
|                                           |     
|                      _____________________|
|                     |                     |
|                     |                     |   __
|                     |                     |  |  
|                     |                     |__|__
|                     |                           
|_Sarah ______________|
  (1598 - ....) m 1627|
                      |                         __
                      |                        |  
                      |                      __|__
                      |                     |     
                                            |   __
                                            |  |  


[24506] [S201] Sharon Bearce


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Dietpirch Von Rhatien


ABT 0865 - ____

Father: Adalbert II Count In The Thurgau Scherragau
Mother: Jutte (Judith) Ingeltrude Of Friaul

                                               |                          |
                                               |                          |                                                __
                                               |                          |                                               |  
                                               |                          |_______________________________________________|__
 _Adalbert II Count In The Thurgau Scherragau _|
| (0825 - 0905)                                |
|                                              |                                                                           __
|                                              |                                                                          |  
|                                              |                           _______________________________________________|__
|                                              |                          |                                                  
|                                              |__________________________|
|                                                                         |
|                                                                         |                                                __
|                                                                         |                                               |  
|                                                                         |_______________________________________________|__
|--Dietpirch Von Rhatien 
|  (0865 - ....)
|                                                                                                                          __
|                                                                                                                         |  
|                                                                          _Hunruoch (Unruoch) III Count Of Friuli _______|__
|                                                                         | (.... - 0839)                                    
|                                               _EBERHARD I Unruochinger _|
|                                              | (.... - 0862) m 0842     |
|                                              |                          |                                                __
|                                              |                          |                                               |  
|                                              |                          |_Engeltron of Paris ___________________________|__
|                                              |                            (.... - 0853)                                    
|_Jutte (Judith) Ingeltrude Of Friaul _________|
  (.... - 0902)                                |
                                               |                                                                           __
                                               |                                                                          |  
                                               |                           _LOUIS (Ludwig) I, Holy Roman Emperor _________|__
                                               |                          | (0778 - 0840)                                    
                                               |_GISELA D'Aquitaine ______|
                                                 (.... - 0874) m 0842     |
                                                                          |                                                __
                                                                          |                                               |  
                                                                          |_Judith Altdorf The Fair, Princess of Bavaria _|__
                                                                            (.... - 0843)                                    


[27833] [S201] Sharon Bearce


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Nicholas Snow

[25632] [25633]

BEF 25 Jan 1599 - 15 Nov 1676

Father: NICHOLAS Snow
Mother: MARY Walker

Family 1 : Constance Hopkins
  1. +Anthony Snow
  2.  Mark Snow
  3.  Mary Snow
  4.  Sarah Snow
  5.  Elizabeth Snow
  6.  Joseph Snow
  7.  Stephen Snow
  8.  John B. Snow
  9.  Jabez Snow
  10.  Ruth Snow
  11.  Hannah Snow
  12.  Constant Snow
  13.  Waitstill Snow

                                                                                 _Richard Snow ________+
                                                                                | (1460 - 1520) m 1497 
                                                           _James Snow _________|_Elizabeth Hartherly _
                                                          | (1498 - 1548) m 1529  (1462 - 1512)        
                       _Nicholas Snow ____________________|
                      | (1530 - 1599) m 1559              |
                      |                                   |                      ______________________
                      |                                   |                     |                      
                      |                                   |_Martha White _______|______________________
                      |                                     (1499 - 1550) m 1529                       
 _NICHOLAS Snow ______|
| (1578 - 1630) m 1599|
|                     |                                                          ______________________
|                     |                                                         |                      
|                     |                                    _____________________|______________________
|                     |                                   |                                            
|                     |_Elizabeth (or Kathrina) Harwoode _|
|                       (1535 - 1595) m 1559              |
|                                                         |                      ______________________
|                                                         |                     |                      
|                                                         |_____________________|______________________
|--Nicholas Snow 
|  (1599 - 1676)
|                                                                                ______________________
|                                                                               |                      
|                                                          _____________________|______________________
|                                                         |                                            
|                      ___________________________________|
|                     |                                   |
|                     |                                   |                      ______________________
|                     |                                   |                     |                      
|                     |                                   |_____________________|______________________
|                     |                                                                                
|_MARY Walker ________|
  (1580 - 1644) m 1599|
                      |                                                          ______________________
                      |                                                         |                      
                      |                                    _____________________|______________________
                      |                                   |                                            
                                                          |                      ______________________
                                                          |                     |                      


[25632] Came in the Anne

The English Ancestry and Homelands of the Pilgrim Fathers:Charles EdwardBanks,G929.1 B226 en p. 93 "Nicholas Snow of St Leonards, Shoreditch theparishadjoins that of St. Botolph without Aldgate and St. Mary'swhitechapel."

p. 160 "Nicholas probably identical with Nicholas,son ofNicholas Snow of Hoxton, Middlesex, baptized 25 January1599...where
Stephen Hopkins (whose daughter Constance became his wife) was married in1618. It may be inferred that the emigration of the Hopkins family wasthe occasion of Nicholas Snow's following them to Plymouth.

p. 177 "The following women came as passengers in the same two ships andmarried shortly after arrival: .....Abigail Warren married Anthony Snow."

From Passengers to America, Tepper: Passengers and Ships, p.52ff "1623"

ANNE, William Pierce, Master. She arrived at Plymouth aboutJuly 30,and'brought 60 persons for the Generall.' The entire company settled atPlymouth.

The Snow Genealogy By Mrs. M. L. T. Alden, of Troy, N.Y.

1. Nicholas Snow came in the Ann in 1623, and had share in the divisionof land in Plymouth, 1624; settled in Eastham in 1645; a man of muchnote. We find where he lived, and his neighbors from Plymouth ColonyRecords, vol. 1, page 59, "a heigh waye" from Plymouth to the EeleRiver...the upper way to Thomas Clarkes still; the lower way from RalphWallens right out to Holmans Rock; allowed fourty foote on thewest side,and so straight to Mannesses Kempton's ground, whose fence is to beremoved twenty foote inward, and so passing betweene two rock sat thebrooke, straight to Edward Banges, leaveing his house west, and so along,leaveing Nicholas Snowes house east and so to Mr. Hopkin'shouse, leaveingit east, and so up the valley to Thomas Clarkes uperstile, the foote wayto be continued from Mr. Hopkins's, in the old path, belowe ThomasClarkes to the heigh way," etc.

He was freeman 1633. He with six other--Mr. Thomas Prence, John Doane,Nicholas Snow, Josias Cook, Richard Higgins, John Smally, and EdwardBangs--seven families, in all forty nine souls, began a the settlement ofEastham--first called Nuset, early in 1645. It "is granted tobe atownship, and to have all the privileges of a township as other townswithin the government have" in 1646. "Thus recognized a meeting of theinhabitants, duly convened, elected Nicholas Snow Town clerk,Edward Bankstown treasurer, and Josias Cooke town constable."Nicholas Snow was townclerk from 1646, 16 years; was deputy from 1648, three years; wasselectman from 1663, seven years. He and his son Mark signed the call toRev. John Mayo to settle as their minister in 1655. He was one of Gov.Thomas Prence's associates. We think he was born in England.

Henry F. Waters, in his Genealogical Gleanings in England(Register, vol.39, page 166) states that Joseph Walker of St. Margaret's, city ofWestminster, gentleman, in his will dated 13 Feb. 1666 proved Feb. 17,1666, bequeaths "to my kinswoman Mary Snow, wife of Nicholas Snow,citizen and armourer of London, whome I nominate executrix."Also the willof George Upham Wiveliscombe, Somerset, dated 653,mentions
testator's brother-in-law Nicholas Snow. This Nicholas Snow and Mary hiswife may have been the parents of our Nicholas. He names his oldestdaughter Mary.

He died at Eastham, Nov. 15, 1676. He married in Plymouth, ConstanceHopkins, daughter of Mr. Stephen Hopkins, and a former wife.They came
in the Mayflower. Bradford, in his History of Plymouth Plantation(Collections of Massachusetts Historical Society, 4th Series,vol. 3,
page 448) gives in the list of the Mayflowerites:--"Mr. Steven Hopkins &Elizabeth his wife, & 2 children caled Giles & Constanta a doughter, botyby a former wife; and 2 more by this wife caled Damaris & Oceanus thelast was borne at sea, & 2 servants, called Edward Dotey, & EdwardLitster." In 1650 he writes, "Mr. Hopkins & his wife are now both dead,but they lived about 20 years in this place & had one sone & 4 daughtersborn here. Their son became a seaman & dyed at Barbadoes, one daughterdyed here, & two are married, one of them hath 2 children & one is yet tomarry. So their increase which still survive are 5, but his son Giles ismarried & has 4 children. His daughter Constanta is alsomarried & hath 12children, all of them living, & one married."

Goodwin in his Pilgrim Republic (page 185), says that the Martins,Molines and Hopkins joined the Pilgrims in England.

Constanct (Hopkins) Snow died Oct. 1677.

Nicholas does not mention his daughters in his will, and we suppose theyreceived their portions when they married. The ages of his children areonly guessed at, and the order in which they came, and I should be veryglad of corrections. Nicholas Snow and Constance (Hopkins) Snow hadchildren:

Mark, born at Plymouth, May 9, 1628
Mary " " about 1630
Sarah " " " 1632
Joseph " " " 1634
Stephen " " " 1636
John " " " 1638
Elizabeth " " 1640
Jabez " " " 1642
Ruth " " " 1644
Hannah, prob. born at Eastham 1646
Rebecca " " " 1648

I give Hannah and Rebecca on the authority of Davis's Landmarks ofPlymouth (page 245). Both married Richards.

The Snow Library of Orleans ,Cape Cod was named in honor of NicholasSnow:

Nickolas Snow is buried in Old Cove Cemetary, Orleans, Mass.

Nickolas Snow first left England on the ship "Paragon". They ran into asevere storm that seriously damaged the ship and the captain decided toreturn to England. It was repaired for one hundred pounds and they setsail once more for the New Plymouth.After sailing half the distance theyonce again ran into aheavy storm, suffering much damage and againreturned to England with the cargo and 109 people. Finally they (60)sailed in 1623 abord the ship "Ann".

The "Ann" was the fourth ship to bring settlers to NewEngland:"Mayflower" in 1620, "Fortune" in 1621, "Little James" in 1621and"Ann" on 30 July, 1623.

Abord ship Nickolas was among friends as his parents had moved shortlyafter his birth to St. Leonard's Parish where he was christened. Thisparish adjoins St. Mary's White Chaple where Stephen Hopkins married in1618. This Pilgrim neighborhood had as inhabitants Hopkins, Waarren andBarsett. Nicholas was active in the Separatist Movement. Carver andCushman, agents for the merchant adventurers who sponsored the PlymouthPlantation, only approved people who were in good health and had skillsthat would be useful as colonists in a wilderness situation. Nicholas wasa farmer.

The following is a partial list of his activities:
1623 in the casting of lots he was awarded one share. His landwas nearthe Eel River and buttedagainst Hobbs Hole. 22 May 1627 In the divisionof the cattle, he with his father-in-law, Stephen Hopkins,his wifeConstance, formed part of the 7th Company headed by Stephen Hopkins. Thiscompany obtained two she-goats and a black weaning calf, to which was tobe added that year's calf of the black cow which fellto John Shaw and hiscompany. 1633 He was a freeman and that year was taxed 18shilling,payable in corn at 6 shilling a bushel.
1634 Taxed 12 shillings 1 October 1634 He was one of the seven menappointed to lay outthe highways inPlymouth Colony before 15 November1635. 15 Feb.1635/36 Twilford West, a servant to Gov. Edward Winslowunderan indenture for six years, was assigned to Nicholas Snow, but after sometrail, he disliked to be with Nicholas Snow and proposed to Gov. Winslow,if he would take him back, that he would serve him an addition year. Theagreement wasmade between Snow, Winslow and West and he returned toWinslow. 14 Mar. 1635/36 It was arranged that Nicholas Snow should mowatWellingsleyand have "One Small Jag of Hey" from themarsh assigned to JohnFaunce and Mr. Coomb.
5 Oct. 1636 He was appointed one of the three arbitrators to settle thecontoversy between Joseph Biddle and Edward Doty, they having broughtcross actions against each other "Their matters being raw and imperfect".
7 Mar. 1636/37 He was one of the freeman at court held then.
20 Mar.1636/37 He was given the same hay ground at Wellingsley as theyear before.
7 July 1637 Comfirmed by court - His house was east of the way to EelRiver,from Plymouth, laid out by a jury. It seems to have been betweenthe houses of Edward Bangs and Stephen Hopkins.
Served on jury the following dates: 10-2-1637, 3-6-1637/38,3-3-1639/40,6-1-1641, 9-6-1641, 3-7-1642/43 and 6-6- 1643.
7 May 1638 He desired land towards the six milebrooke.
6 July 1638 Sold property per this deed: "NicholasSnow to Samuel Eddy. ^July 1638,that Nicholas Snow ackknowledgeth that for andin considerationof the sum of 12 pounds sterling to be paidhim, he hath bargained andsold to Samuel Eddy all that hishouse and garden adjoyneing, with thefence in and aboutthe same in Plymouth wherein the said Nicholas Snow nowdwelleth, with all and singular appurtence and there unto belonging andall his right title and interest of and into said premisses and everypart and parcell thereof to haveand to hold the said house and garden andall singulat thepremisses with their appurtence and unto the saildSamuelEddy his heires and assignes forever and to the onely proper use ofthe said Samuel Eddy his heires andassignes forever. The said price forthe premisses to be payed in fourty bushells of good mercantable Indiancorne at the rate it will pass from man to man and if it shall fall shortof the said sume then the said Samuel Eddy to make up the either inormoney of other comodyty, and the possesstion of the said house and gardento be given by the last day of October next at which tyme the money ofcorne is to be payed and delivered. Nicholas Snow's property in Plymouthlye on the side of town towards the Eele River and butts at Hobes Hole.Purchased in 1623.

2 July 1638 He requested more hay ground and was allowed to cut hay thatyearupon the meadow reserved for the town of Plymouth.
7 Aug. 1638 He desired five or six acres of land lying on the north sideof the land latelygranted to Mr. Atwood.
3 Mar 1639/40 He is mentioned as one of the surveyors of highways ofPlymouth.
3 Mar 1639/40 By act pf tje General Court, it was provided"the purchasersor old comers"should make choice of two or three plantations forthemselves and their heirs, and on 1 December 1640 they gave notice thatthey had cosen three places, of which one was on Cape Cod from Yarmouth,from the sea, to three miles east of Namskaket, and the others on themaine-land,all the rest of the land in the colony being surrendered "tothe body of freeman" except such as had been already granted toplantations or individuals. Nicholas Snow was a purchaser.
5 May 1640 He was on a committee of five appoined to viewall the meadowsatGreen harbor that had not been granted, tomeasure them and report tothe next court.
2 June 1640 He is mentioned as one of the surveyors of highlands forPlymouth.
2 Nov. 1640 He was granted ten acres of meadows in the south meadows,towards Aggawan, Colebrook meadows.
1 Dec. 1640 With two others, he was presented for notmending thehighwaysat the "second brooke", Smylt River, newbridge and other places.They were discharged upon condition that theyshall repair the highwaythis year.
1 Feb. 1641/41 With Edward Bangs and Josiah Pratt he was appointed to layout Sarah Morton's lot at the Eel River.
Aug 1643 He was one of those of Plymouth, between 16 and 60 years of age,able to bear arms.

Tthe Pilgrams had become dissatisfied with the barrenness of the soil inthe Plymouth area and Nauset on Cape Cod seemed to be the logical choicefor them to move the entire church and government as they were familiarwith this area since a group of twenty of them had visited there from the15th to the 25th of November 1620 lead by Miles Standish when exploringthe Cape prior to settling at Plymouth. In 1622 and the following yearsthey had used this territory for means of additional sustenance.

A committee of seven who subsequently became the first settlers, withGov. William Bradford at their head, went to Nauset in 1643 to explorethis possibility and reported that Nauset was not asextensive as desiredand too remote from the center of thecolony to be a suitable location forthe seat of government.

In 1644 the Court at Plymouth ruled: The Court doth grant unto the Churchof New Plymouth or those that goe to dwell at Nauset(now Eastham) allthat tractt of land lying between sea and sea from the purchasers, boundsat Namseakett (now Orleans) to the same Hearing Brooke and all meadow onboth sides of the said brooke with the great basse pond these and allmeadows and is lands lying within the said tractt.

The following men and their families became the first settlers at Nauset:Edward Bangs, Josias Cooke, John Doane, RichardHiggins, Thomas Prence,John Smalley and Nicholas Snow. This constituted a colony of forty-ninepersons, settling in April 1644. In today's language the tract of landgrated them was about fifteen miles long, extenting from Pleasant Baynortherly to south bounds of Truro, bounded east by the ocean, west bythe bay and to the soth the area that presently comprises the towns ofHarwich and Brewster.

Six of the original settlers of Nauset erected their first dwellings inthe southern section of the present town of Eastham. Nicholas Snowlocated his family on Skaket, now in Orleans. The brook that ran throughhis land is know as Snow's Brook. Skaket, also known as Namskaket,Pochet, and all lands extending northward to the territory belonging tothe sachem George, the successor of Aspinet, was purchased fromMattaquason, sachem of Monomoyick. The original homes of these settlerswere unpretentious, being but one story high.

The following continues the partial listing of his activities:

6 June 1644 By his will, Stephen Hopkins gave his mare tohis daughterConstance Snow, wife ofNicholas Snow.
1644 He was elected town clerk.
10 Mar 1645/46 He sold to Nathaniel Morton " for 10 shillings tobe paidin merchtable corn at the nextyears harvest" an acre of upland,lying ator near Wellingsley Brook in Plymouth.
1 June 1647 He and Edward Bangs are mentioned as surveyorsof the highwaysof Nauset.
7 June 1648 He was a committee or deputy to the GeneralCourt from Nauset.On the same datehe was appointed to take up the excise atNauset.
4 June 1650 With Mr. Doane (John), he was a deputy from Nauset GeneralCourt.
3 June 1652 He was one of the deputies to the General Courtfrom Eastham.
7 June 1653 He was one of the surveyors of highways for Eastham.
1655 He and his son Mark signed the call to the Rev. John Mayoto becomeminister of Eastham.
3 June 1657 He was a deputy to the General Court.
9 July 1660 Nicholas Snow, Edward Bangs and Josiah Cooketook oath beforeGov. Thomas Prenceasto Cook's share of the south meadow.(both spellingsof Cook/Cooke appear in the records)
22 Jan 1660/61 He took inventory of Richard Sparrow
3 June 1662 He is mentioned as constable of Eastham.
28 Nov. 1664 He bought a gallon and a half of liquor inEastham.
5 Mar. 1667/68 A shipwrecked carpenter, Crispen Wadlen, havingstayedabout three weeks at RalphSmith's house in Eastham, complained thatSmith"oppressivelykept a certain parcel of tools of his'. Smithwas ordered todeliver the tools to Nichloas Snow, to be sent toWadlen, and was allowedto keep a parcel of cotton wool whichhe had of Wadlen, as compensationfor his entertainment.
6-3-1668, 6-7-1670, 6-3-1671, 6-5-1672, 6-3-1668, 6-3-1674,6-1-1675 hewas a Selectman of Eastham
5 Apr 1669 He wasa witness to a deed of land in Yarmouth.
5 June 1671 He was a surveyor of highways of Eastham.
6 Mar 1676/77 Having died, letter of Administration of hisestate wasgranted to his widow,Constance snow and his sons Mark Snow and John Snow
14 Nov 1676 His will was dated and witnessed by Rev. Samuel Treat andThomas Paine, Sr.
5 Mar 1676/7 Will was proved at Plymouth.
22 Mar 1676/7 Inventory of his personal estate of 102 pounds, 10shillings, 9 d. was sworn to by hiswidow Constatce Snow before JohmnFreeman,Assistant.

His will is recorded in this record under the notes of his wife ConstanceSnow

Nicholas Snow, son of Nicholas, an armorer, and Mary (Walker)Snow, wasborn 25 January 1599 at Hoxton, Middlesex (nearLondon), England,christened in 1599 at St. Leonard's,Shoreditch, London, died 15 November1676 at Eastham, Cape Cod,Mass. Before 1 June 1627 he married ConstanceHopkins, daughterof Stephen Hopkins and his first wife Constance DudleyatPlimoth Colony. His mother Mary (Walker) Snow was the daughterof JosephWalker. Constance Hopkins arrived in Plimoth (later spelled Plymouth) in1620 on the "Mayflower", Captain Christopher Jones, with her fatherStephen, his second wife Elizabeth, her brother Gyles,half-sister Damarusand half-brother Oceanus who was born aboardthe "Mayflower". NicholasSnow first left England on the ship "Paragon". They ran into a severestrom that seriously damaged the ship and the captain decided to returnto England. It was repaired for one-hundred pounds and they set sailagain for New Plymouth.After sailing half the distance they once againran into a heavy storm, suffered much damage and again had to return toEngland with cargo and 109 people. Finally they (60) sailed in 1623aboardthe ship "Ann". The passengers are listed above.
The "Ann" was the fourth ship to bring settlers to NewEngland,"Mayflower" in 1620, "Fortune" in 1621, "Little James" in 1621and"Ann" on 30 July 1623. Aboard ship Nicholas was among friends as hisparents had moved shortly after his birth to St. Leonard's Parish wherehe was christened. This parish adjoins St. Mary's White ChaplewhereStephen Hopkins married in 1618. This Pilgrim Neighborhood hadasinhabitants Hopkins, Warren, and Barsett. Nicholas was active in theSeperatist Movement. Carver and Cushman, agents for the Merchantadventurers who sponsered the Plymouth Plantation, only approved peoplewho were in good health and had skills that would be useful as colonistsin a wilderness situation. Nicholas worked as a farmer.

The Snow Library in Orlean, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, was named in honorof Nicholas Snow.

Nicholas Snow, born January 25, 1599/00 in Hoxton,Middlesex (NearLondon), England; died November 15, 1676 in Eastham, Barnstable, Ma. (nowOrleans). He was the son of Nicholas Snow and Elizabeth Rowlles. Hemarried 193.Constance Hopkins June 1, 1627 in Plymouth, PlymouthCo.,Massachusetts.

Constance Hopkins, born January 25, 1598/99 in Wortley,England; diedNovember 25, 1677 in Eastham, Barnstable,Massachusetts. She was thedaughter of Stephen Hopkins and Constance Dudley.

Notes for Nicholas Snow: [Sprague.FTW]

The English Ancestry and Homelands of the Pilgrim Fathers:Charles EdwardBanks,G929.1 B226 en p. 93 "Nicholas Snow of St Leonards, Shore ditch theparish adjoins that of St. Botolph without Aldgate and St. Mary'swhitechapel."

p. 160 "Nicholas probably identical with Nicholas, son ofNicholas Snow of Hoxton, Middlesex, baptized 25 January1599...where
Stephen Hopkins (whose daughter Constance became his wife) was married in1618. It may be inferred that the emigration of the Hopkins family wasthe occasion of Nicholas Snow's following them to Plymouth.

p. 177 "The following women came as passengers in the same twoships andmarried shortly after arrival: .....Abigail Warren marriedAnthony Snow."

From Passengers to America, Tepper: Passengers and Ships, p.52ff "1623"

ANNE, William Pierce, Master. She arrived at Plymouth about July 30,and'brought 60 persons for the Generall.' The entire companysettled at Plymouth.


The Mayflower was first recorded in 1609, at which time it was amerchantship traveling to Baltic ports. It was at theat timeowned by ChristopherNichols, Richard Child, thomas Short andChristopher Jones. The whip wasabout 180 tons, and rested inHarwich. In its early years it was employedin thetransportation of tar, lumber, fish and possibly did someGreenlandwhaling. Later in its life, it became employed inMediterranean wine andspice trading.
In 1620, Thomas Weston assisted by John Craver and RobertCushman hiredMayflower and the Speedwell to undertake thevoyage to plant a colony inNorthern Virginia. The Speedwell turned out to be a leaky ship, and sowas unable to make the famous voyage with the Mayflower.
Christopher Jones was the captain of the mayflower when it tookthePilgrims to new England in 1620. By the calender, theyanchored off thetip of Cape Cod on November 11, 1620. The Mayflower stayed in Americathat winter, and its crew suffered the effects of the first winter justas the Pilgrims did, with almost half dying. The mayflower set sail forhome on April 5, 1621, arriving back May6, 1621. The ship made a few moretrading runs, to Spain andthen to Ireland, and lastly to france. however,CaptainChristopher Jones died shortly thereafter, in march 1622. The shiplay dormant for about two years, at which time it was appraised forprobate, and ist value was determined to be lb128-08-04, an extremely lowvalue (had it been in sailing condition, lb.700 could be expected).
This inventory is the last record of the Mayflower. The ship wasnot invery good condition, being called "in ruins" in a 1624High Court ofAdmiralty record (HCA3/30, fo. 227). Ships in thatcondition were morevaluable as wood (which was in shortage inEngland at that time), so theMayflower was most likely broken apart and sold as scrap. There is noevidence that the Mayflower ended up as the Jordans barn, though it hasbecome a tourist trap anyway. Mayflower was a very common ship name, andin fact numerous other ships called the Mayflower made trips to NewEngland; but none was the same ship that brought the Pilgrims to America.

Came to America in 1623, served in the Colonial War.

Nicholas (Nichoias) Snow and his wife Constance are burried in Eastham,adjacent to the traffic circle on Rt. 6, along with Deacon Doane, andmany of the people who set off from the original colony to establish amore independent life apart from William Brewster's dominance.

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